At the start of the year my weight was a bit over 140kg, now I’m at 133.7, and the weight loss is going on at a steady pace. The last week was another kilo gone, and my health is fine.

So how can I lose this amount of weight in such a short time? Simple, just cut down on carbs and calories. I’m getting every day about 70 grams of carbs, and I keep the calories at about 1200-1500. Here’s the stuff I do eat, and the stuff I avoid.

What to avoid

Fruits contain large amounts of sugar, so I do not eat this. There are enough sources for vitamin-C, there’s no need for fruit. (The exception is tomatoes and cucumber.)

I do not eat bread, or any other grain products. No pasta, no potatoes, no rice. This is al carb-rich food. Additionally I do not eat beans (of any kind) because also they are very carb-rich. Sugar is an obvious no-no.

Finally, I avoid fatty foods, grease, sauces, and so on. No mayonnaise, no ketchup or anything that even remotely looks like that. This doesn’t have much carbs, but it DOES have a LOT of calories… and those you want to stay away from.

What to eat

By now you probably have something like… ok, there’s not much that you can eat. That’s not true, there’s a LOT you CAN eat, and the fun part is, it is all very healthy, easy to make and delicious.

  • For meat I use mostly cow meat. Pork is mostly more caloric-rich (i.e. more calories per gram.) Good choices here are rump steak, tartare, roast beef, blade steak and so on. Basically the kinds of cow meat that do not contain a lot of fat.
  • Any kind of fish is also fine, as long as it isn’t processed. (e.g. no fish-sticks.)
  • Chicken/Turkey filet is also fine.
  • For vegetables, almost anything goes, except beans.

So you end up with something like this:

Tartare with mushrooms, paprika, leek and union


For breakfast I mostly eat cottage cheese (quark), yogurt or a baked egg (with some lettuce and other stuff), and so on. Bread isn’t an option.

Lunch = Salad time

Mostly at lunch it’s Caesar salads (without sauce). If I’m at home I sometimes cook at lunch and eat something light at dinner time.

What more is there?

All of this sounds like a (very) strict diet, and the truth is… it is. It requires some discipline but if you do this like this I guarantee you, you will lose weight and it will go fast. And you will not feel hungry. The first week is a bit tough, but after that cravings disappear and you will start burning fat.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. For the best results, if you’re starting on a long-term diet, consult your physician for guidance.

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