The first steps in losing weight is going really quick. 2.7 Kgs in 8 days is what those binge diets advertise, but it is reality here. This morning I stood on the scale and I was pleasantly surprised by the scale.

The first month without alcohol? Well… that didn’t work. 🙄 Nevertheless I drink a lot less than I used to. (I’m not an excessive drinker.) Also I noticed that when I’m in the supermarket, I’m not buying things like cheese, salami, or other stuff that I just know will keep me growing sideways.

I’m also going out more on my bike. Today I’m going to fix the back light on it, the batteries of that light are nearly empty and it is dark early in the evenings so I want it to work.

This afternoon it is dentist time, after that it is going to be a bike ride to get ink for my printer. Due to Covid I have to go to Office Center to buy it… (it is one of the few places which is still open) … and that is like 12km on the bike. So that is my exercise for today.

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