I haven’t blogged much this year, simply because it has been busy… VERY busy. I’ve started a new company, I’m working on a new software product, we have the Covid-19 crisis and I’m doing my best to keep my head above the water. All together it amounts to lots of work and not earning a dime.

Because of this I haven’t had time to bike, I didn’t visit much friends (I do speak with them on the phone but that’s about it,) I do not see my colleagues and cannot go to my office, I have to work from home.

All this together is rather depressing, but it is the way it is. Going back to a ‘normal’ life rhythm is tough, but I’m working on that.

The photo you see above this post was made on a bike trip together with my father. We did a trip of about 45 km, lots of wind, was quite tough.

My father at the Ketelbrug

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be starting my weight loss again, I have gained quite a bit in the last couple of months, this was a big setback. I was back around the 132 kgs, time to get rid of this again.

My goals haven’t changed much, I still want to get under that 100kg at the end of the year, and this still should be possible. The summer is getting here, time to get on the bike and get my condition back in order.


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