First of all, happy 2020! It has been a while since I posted on this blog, but I’m still alive and working hard on a very interesting project that is going to be announced soon.

Today was the first working day for NedCV, a new company from Bert and me. (If you don’t know Bert, he’s my associate and a long-time friend of mine.)

It is a bit weird, working for a new company. Bintelligence has been my company for so many years, it is kind of strange to start for something entirely new. Nevertheless, it also feels good in a way, knowing I’m a part of something that’s not just my own, but also someone else’s business.

We’re specializing in different areas, which are mainly software development, consultancy and mediation. What we exactly do is still under non-disclosure, but we do have 3 different branches, two of which I can reveal right now.

One is software development, which goes under the name “Bintelligence Software Development”. This is the official name of our software development branch that creates custom software for businesses.

The second one is “Bintelligence Professional Services” which hires personnel to businesses for providing various ICT-related services.

The last one is NedCV itself, we’re creating an awesome piece of software, more about this I’ll reveal later.

The next couple of months things will go quickly, and you’ll see more and more news come out, not just via my blog. Keep checking, subscribe to my RSS feed and when there’s news, you’ll know it first.


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