The last time I posted about by weight loss, it has been like … 10 months ago? Things haven’t been going good since then, I’ve gained some weight and am now at the 125kg mark. Pants are tighter than before, clothing start to shrink?… well, you get the idea, time to do something about it.

So it is time to lose weight again, and doing that as a new years resolution might put some extra … er ‘weight’ to that goal 🙂 My goal is to weight less than 100kg at the end of 2020, that means losing 25kg in 12 months. We’ll see if this can be achieved by me.

I’ll post an update every week on my progress, if you’re into weight loss I’ll tell you my bucket list for this year:

  • 100 days of 10.000 steps
  • 100 days without alcohol
  • 100 days going to the gym
  • 50 days cycling at least 20 km
  • Cycle at least a 100km in 1 day
  • Cycle at least 50 km 5 days
  • 100 days of exercises with my dumbbells at home

I call this “The 100 Challenge”, since there’s a lot of the number ‘100’ in this. If I manage this list, and I eat right, I’m sure I’ll be less than a 100kg at the end of this year.

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