I already replaced 2 switches, and yesterday the third (and last) one. This one is a Power-Over-Ethernet switch, which feeds power to my other switches.

The old one was a HP 1820, now there’s a 1920S in its place. This modal is a bit more modern, with Layer-3 capabilities and port security. Additionally I have more control over the Spanning Tree (STP) configuration in that switch, STP has been an issue in this network from the very beginning.

Sonos speakers

I’m using Sonos speakers at home, I have about 8 of them, some connected via a wire, some via WiFi. These speakers rely heavily on STP. Besides that I have a LAPAC1200 WiFi access point from Linksys, this AP is not spanning-tree aware (at least, not really) but has an own implementation of STP for wireless networks. It took me a while to figure out that the STP packages which were sent by the LAPAC were causing problems. Disabling the “Spanning tree” option on that device solved it. (Rather counter intuitive)

My network performs well now, I have a solid 1 Gigabit connection to my server and half of that to the outside world, performance is excellent. In the past sometimes my speakers lost their internet connection to Spotify, this hasn’t happened anymore, so all is working nice & stable now.

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