Today we have an hour less, because at 2AM the clock moved to 3AM. It is the permanent jet-lag again. I hate it with a passion.

We are all forced to get up one hour earlier, and it is totally unnecessary. The idea is that we have an hour longer light in the evening, but it is one of the most unhealthiest ideas ever. Now they want to abolish the daylight savings time all together, or make it permanent. … yes, permanent! Talk about a nightmare scenario.

If we use our ‘standard time’ the shortest day would be from about 8:46 in the morning to about 16:30 at night (this happens around 21st of December.) If we would have daylight savings time it will be getting dark at 15:30 in the afternoon. (This is what we have now.)

The longest day is half a year later, with normal time the sun would go up at 4:20 and go under at 21:04. This seems a bit extreme, but no, we have daylight savings time, so it is actually 5:20 and 22:04.

So what would be the right time? The thing is, here in The Netherlands we’re already a bit ‘off’ our time. since we’re not really in sync with the proper time when we look at our position on the planet. We are around 6 degrees east of the prime meridian here. If you split the 360-degree circle down to 24 equal parts (each part is exactly one hour) you will notice that we have therefore a closer relationship to GMT time than the +1 hour we have right now.

360 / 24 = 15 degrees for one hour. We are at +6 degrees so that’s 24 minutes on the clock. When we’re on daylight savings we are at GMT+2 hours. That is one hour and 36 minutes too early…

So what would happen if we stick to GMT here, sunrise would be earlier, on the shortest day at 7:46 and it will go dark at around 15:30. The longest day in June would last from 3:20 to 20:04. Believe it or not, this is actually a lot healthier, but this is probably not going to happen. It is the other end of the extreme.

Mother nature made us for GMT + 24 minutes. For practical reasons it should be GMT. We can adjust our biological clock for about plus or minus one hour a day and this explains why a lot of people having difficulty to cope with daylight savings time here, since we are already ahead of our time … by 1 hour and 36 minutes.

Get rid of daylight savings time, or better yet, get back to GMT, it is our best option. Making DST permanent will be the cause of a lot of health issues for a lot of people.

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