It has been a while since I blogged about my weight loss, at the end of last year I was near the 110 but Christmas came, new year, and before I knew it I was hitting the 117’s again. At the end of January my weight increased all the way up to 114.9 and in February I gained even more, all the way up to 117.4 a few days ago. So I decided it was time to put a stop to that trend and kick in the reverse.

Biking together with a friend of mine to Almere Haven

I got the bike out of the barn, it was time to change/kick a few nasty habits and get back to my diet. So I did, and the results are already showing. I lost 1,6 kilos in two days. Now this sounds almost unhealthy but this isn’t very surprising. Whenever you start with weight loss, the first couple of days weight loss goes quick, after that it slows down.

Spring time is coming and there’s no better time to get back into shape. This year I’m going to set my goals to get under that 100kg and fit in regular size clothing again.

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