I’m starting to notice that some shirts I have that used to be tight… are getting loose. With pants the same thing… Looks like I have to do some shopping again and buy new clothes soon.

When you’re losing weight, you’ll replace your wardrobe quite a few times. A few tips:

  • Buy new clothes as soon as you can skip at least one size. (e.g. if you have size 45 jeans, the next one shouldn’t be 43 but 41). For T-shirts go from 5XL to 3XL to XL. 
  • If you’re going from corpulent sizes to normal sizes and something doesn’t fit quite yet, don’t be disappointed. There will be a day that it will fit, keep it in the closet for that time. 
  • Don’t spend too much, you’ll be replacing most of your new clothes again within a few months.
  • Buy something different! You’ll feel a lot better.

If you do it like this, you save a lot of money on clothing. I started out on 5-6XL, went to 3XL (which I’m now on) and for jeans I went from size 48 to … better believe it… 36. (via 44, 40 and ’27’ (which is a corpulent 38))

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