I’ve been having a nasty flu, and although being sick isn’t fun, it helps with losing weight. I’ve lost quite a bit in these last few days, the last 2 days about 600 grams a day (which is more than the average weight loss commercials will have you believe you can do.)

It has been a bit of a roller coaster this year, going back and forth between 112 and 117. Stability was key, I was making sure I wasn’t going to be going back to old habits and gain all the weight I’ve lost. (I started out at 147.5, so I lost 30-35 kg in the first year.) 

Now it is time to pick that weight loss back up, and I noticed I have had to do a few things about it to ensure I’m actually keep losing weight. 

I like my glass of wine or whiskey in the evening, together with some cheese, or other snacks. Those snacks had to go. Also I was eating pretty big portions and I needed to cut them down in size. So I’m now eating about ‘half’ of what I used to do. 

My meal of yesterday. Normally I would eat about all of this, now about half of this and the rest I keep in the fridge.

I really like to eat nice things and have a lot of variety, but I just eat less of it, and that’s fine. It takes a bit of getting used to, but eventually I’ll manage.

In the evenings I’ve also switched to a very low-caloric meal, just some lettuce with tomatoes, and some other stuff (unions, pickles, etc.) all in all very little calories, but it fills the stomach. 

So all together it is just less food, less calories, but even more variety. Once I’ve recovered from my flu I’ll add some sports again and with that, I’ll be under a 100 kg in no-time. 

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