Sometimes issues between family members or friends can escalate rather quickly, especially when there are poor communication media involved. This is why I hate using chat, email or any other type of written communication. It is impersonal, small things are quickly taken out of context and can have quite big consequences. I hate written communication with passion, really.

“Then why do you blog?” you may ask. Writing does do some things good when dealing with situations or just willing to shout out things like “look what I did!”, if I can inspire others with my written blog posts, even if it is just a single person somewhere, it is worth all the effort.

Back to family issues. I had a big argument with my stepsister, which will probably mean that I won’t be talking with her for a long time. We both aren’t that good on communicating, don’t even think this gets better when using email or texts. Nevertheless, I got a bit fed-up with our situation and decided to take a step back and let her be.

Since she never picks up her phone (her mobile goes after a few rings always to voicemail and she never calls back), it is no use to call her. This way she is only reachable by… you guessed it, text and mail. I’m not going to take steps to resolve this, it will probably escalate things even further, there’s really no need.



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