Still working on my math studies, and I just got my books for the first course… it is kind of fun to see that I need all that stuff that I used to have at school again. Pens, pencils, a pocket calculator, a drafting compass, a ruler, a set square, and so on…

Most of the math is easy for me, it is getting old knowledge to surface again. Thinks like the square root of 45 is the same as 3 times the square root of 5… because:

\(\sqrt{45} = \sqrt{3^2*5} = 3*\sqrt{5}\)

I’ve also started another course, the couse “Introductie in Informatiekunde”, which is about what effects information technology has to organizations and the people that work with these solutions. Quite interesting, but it seems that it isn’t really my forte. So this is going to be my first ‘tough’ part of the study.

Time to go back in the books.

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