The last couple of months were a bit stable. Some ups, some downs, but I’m basically ‘stalled’ for about a year now. The last year has been a weird year, from sports to a knee injury and sitting still because of it. Now it is time to change my diet to an even more stringent regime.

I eat healthy, that’s never been the issue. Even when I was obese category 3 (near super-obese) my blood values were perfect. No high cholesterol, no diabetes, nothing of those things. The thing was… even though I was eating healthy, I was eating a lot of carbs. This changed drastically, for this I lost about 35 kilos. (About 77 pounds in the imperial system)

Also, I was eating too much quantities. I like a big plate full of stuff… and that hasn’t changed one bit. So I eat still high quantities of food, simply because I like to eat a lot. Also I like a glass of whiskey in the evenings, or a beer so now and then. These habits now let me hit a wall. My weight isn’t getting much below 112 kilos.

I want to get my BMI in the ‘overweight’ range, out of the ‘obese’ range. For me, that means getting my weight below a 100 kilos. (or 15.7 English Stone) So I have to lose about 15 kilos (or 529 imperial ounces) to get there.

Time to make some drastic changes again, the battle starts a new chapter. I’ll be starting to eat more low-fat low-carb stuff and I’m going to lessen the calories. If I can manage, I might be able to buy new clothes for Christmas 🙂


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