Tomorrow I’ll move this blog to WordPress, so Tumblr will be the next social network to get off my list. I’ve used Tumblr for as long as it existed basically, but now I’m taking my site to my own hosting servers. Also LinkedIn will be gone, I’ll put my resume on a private website.

I’ve managed to slowly but surely get rid of all social networks I used to have. It gives a great sense of freedom, not having to worry about my data being in some company’s hands.

Obviously there’s still Google and Microsoft to consider, those are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Google has Android (and a lot of sites I use, use Google for authentication), so that’s a bit problematic. Also I use Google for location tracking whenever I’m biking, so they exactly know where I am and probably what I do all the time.

Microsoft I use for Skype, Office 365 and some other services. Most of those are under strict privacy agreements (I’m using the paid versions, not the ‘free’ ones) so that makes things a bit more stringent. Nevertheless, both companies could use this data to bother me with.

I just hope they never will, because what happened with Facebook was for me really infuriating. Even if you don’t have anything to hide (like me), privacy is still important.


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