July 22nd will be the day I am going to close my account on Facebook. Reasons are plenty, most of which is that this company doesn’t take privacy seriously and knows way too much about way too many people. I’m no longer going to contribute to that, so I am going to close my account there.

There are other pieces of software that is being run by the same company, like WhatsApp and Instagram. Instagram I wasn’t actively using for ages, WhatsApp has a nice alternative: Telegram.

Facebook tells you: “WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption, so we don’t read your messages”… no, but they DO know who you send messages to, how often, where you are at the time you send those messages, it tracks your location, tracks your (private) phone calls and SMS messages, and the list goes on. Instagram does the same, they track where you are when you take pictures and use location data in photos for analysis.

There are more companies who do this. Google and Microsoft do exactly the same and probably know about the same about me as facebook does. Nevertheless, they don’t leak data to others for financial gain, because that is where facebook has crossed the line with me.

So where to reach me when I close down my facebook account? Right here is a start, Telegram also works (replacement of WhatsApp) or Skype.

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