Yes… finally! I am starting to lose weight again. This setback did take a long time, but now it seems… I’m finally rid of it! Biking more, eating better and watching out with the carbs really helps me to get back on track.

I have really stepped up the game when it comes down to sports. I am biking more than ever, do all kinds of exercises and are improving my condition dramatically. I now can bike about 45 km with the same amount of effort I could bike 30 before… and I expect that to improve in the next couple of months.

Next week I’ll be trying to really step up the game a bit, and see if I can bike at least 20 km each day. (A longer trip has been setup for friday, I can’t say where yet, because that would spoil the secret I have for my fellow bikers out there ;))

In May I’m having holiday, I plan to use it to improve my condition and see some nice places here in Europe at the same time. So fun times ahead, let’s see if I can get below that 100kg.

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