I have been a bit quiet about my weight loss recently, because I’ve been having a bit of a setback. I’ve been working in an office lately, and finding my way with lunches has been murder on my diet. Also snacks in the evening and sporting less didn’t do much good…

During this time, my weight has gone up again, up to about 117kg. It isn’t a big disaster, but still I’m not happy with this result. So it is time to intervene and get myself back on track.

This is probably what a lot of people face when they are going for a long lasting weight loss project, finding yourself in a bit of a different situation and getting yourself back on track afterwards can be more a challenge than I’d like to admit.

Soon the biking season starts again (end of March when daylight savings time starts here), I’ll be picking up sports, doing some real big tours and continue to lose weight. I’ve still got my target on less than 100kg before the end of the year, time to get there.

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