Yes, back on track again. Starting slowly again to lose weight, increase my exercise schedule and take some challenges along the way. One of the challenges I have today sounds like a simple one…

I’ll be walking to my favorite supermarket, get my groceries and walk back. Sounds simple right?  The supermarket I’m talking about is about 2km from here. And I’m not taking a light load, (I expect 15-20 kg) it will be quite a bit to carry home. Additionally I have stuff to carry there, like empty bottles for refunds on the container deposit. So that’s my challenge, if I don’t make it, I can take the bus.

So what I’ll take from the supermarket? Stuff that’s in my diet of course. Things include stuff like mineral water, meat, fish, vegetables, quark, cheese, and more. Things I do not eat with my diet is bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, or anything else that is made from grain or anything that contains sugar, including fruit!. (Fruit is basically vegetables with sugar.)

Breakfast is quark with some sugar-free syrup in there, so it still tastes to something. Lunch is a warm meal, mostly baked meat in olive oil with baked vegetables (paprika, onion, leeks), lettuce, tomatoes, and some other stuff. And dinner is something small, or leftovers, etc. It all depends on what my mood is like. For snacks I have some nuts, or sometimes avocados with union and pepper (guacamole), or some cooked eggs with lettuce, ham and some other stuff.

All this is low in carbohydrates. In total about 1200-1500 calories a day. Since my BMR is just above 2000 calories, it means I need about 500-700 calories from my reserves to get through the day. 1 gram of fat contains about 9 calories, so a quick bit of math means I should lose about 55-77 grams a day, if I do absolutely nothing.

It is enough to get through the day, sport and do your thing. I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, but making this kind of recipes is quite fun and can be very rewarding. The result is that I lose each and every day about 100-150 grams. If I exercise it is even more, but if I snack more, it is less.

If you just start on your weight loss, I recommend you start with a diet like this one and walk (no running, no jogging, just walking!) about 30 minutes every 2 days. Do this for about a week or 2 and you will start seeing results. I’m nearly 35 kg lighter than when I started (at 147.5), my goal is getting under that 100 kg this year.

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