This week I haven’t had any time to do any sports, still had a bunch of stuff laying around that shouldn’t be eaten when you’re on a diet… and guess what? I still managed to lose 0,5 Kg. I’m at 114.5 now, and as I told everyone last week, it is time to re-start my weight loss.

The goal for this year is to lose another 20 kilos. This means I’ll get to be around 95 kg at the end of the year. This doesn’t look like a high goal, but those last couple of kilos are way more difficult than the first.

Another challenge for this year is a trip on my bike from where I live (Almere) to Rotterdam. This is about 100 km, so really a long trip, especially on a city bike. The trip from Amersfoort to Zwolle (or vice versa) is also still on my bucket list.

I noticed the weather outside is really slowing me down when it comes to training. In the evenings it is dark and I really don’t like to walk or bike outside in the dark. So during the weekdays I am not going out much. This needs to change, since going out is how I managed to start my progress in the first place.

What also didn’t help was my surgery and the recovery afterwards. This basically forced me to take things easy for a few weeks, which in it’s turn caused me to become a bit more lazy again. I lost the ‘drive’ to go out and getting from that situation back to the point you’re going to walk again and do sports is a bit of a challenge.

So it is time to ‘kick’ myself under the butt and start walking again. It is weekend, the weather is nice, so it is time to go out.

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