I’ve had surgery last Tuesday, what it was for I’m not going to divulge but it wasn’t for weight loss. I’ve been recovering at home for about almost week now and sitting here at home, not being able to do much but use my PC and work on my network, it is a slow and bit painful process.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to rant, this is the perfect time to work on my servers and setting up everything that’s needed for my migration from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016. It is a long list of stuff that I need to do, and I have a few weeks to get it all done. So I’ll be busy with that probably up to the end of the year, unless I can manage to get it done sooner.

One of the things that I’m trying to do is to migrate a DC from FRS to DFSR. This is a new file replication service for DCs, which is needed to replicate the SYSVOL share between domain controllers. The tool for this, DFSR, isn’t working for me. Somehow the DFS replication isn’t starting and the servers do not get into a consistent state. So this is one puzzle for today.

Another puzzle is Certificate Services. I have a PKI, I need to (properly) decommission one Certificate Authority, and setup another. CRLs should remain available for this new CA, so that is something I’m working on as well.

My file server is also in the process of migrating, backups, project files, and more is moved to a new server.

So there’s enough to do to keep me busy.


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