I’ve worn down some keyboards over the years, but never as many as in the last 3 years. I started out with a Logitech G510S. The keys on that keyboard went from smooth, to the point that you almost couldn’t hammer them in. It was one of the worst gaming keyboards I’ve had. Back lights were not giving much light, and basically the keyboard got replaces within a few months.

Next up: The Logitech K800. This one lasted for a bit… and some coffee went over it. Well, that’s my own damn fault, so I bought a new one. In the meantime I got myself another PC in my living room and bought the same keyboard also for that PC.

After a few months, the first keyboard gave out, and soon after that the other one as well. After having worn down 3 K800′s, I wasn’t going to buy those anymore. For the living room I got myself a simple keyboard from HP, which works up to today. I bought yet another Logitech (for which I said to myself: “this is your last chance Logitech”), a K850. This keyboard gave out yesterday evening.

So I’m completely done with Logitech. Build quality of these keyboards is terrible to say the least, they are expensive and fail within months. So time for a different brand, I bought a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum.

This is a gaming keyboard, RGB lights, and so on. All the nice bells and whistles don’t matter to me much, but it is a keyboard that really types nicely. It takes a bit getting used to but I think this will be more durable than it’s predecessors. Let’s see if this one makes a year, that would be a major accomplishment.

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