Microsoft released an update to Windows some time ago, and together with my mess with drivers for my keyboard and mice (the old Logitech stuff and the new Corsair stuff) things simply weren’t running stable. On top of that, my PC didn’t want to shut down but instead returned to the login screen. Quite annoying and I thought, let’s see if there’s an new BIOS of Asus that might fix things. So I checked online, and yes, there was a new BIOS.

So I made a note of my bitlocker keys, I suspended bitlocker, restarted, installed the new BIOS, rebooted… Oh darn, RAID 0 set gone. One of the SSDs was in the RAID 0 volume, the other one wasn’t, no way to ‘re-add’ it again. Result: All data on my RAID 0 volume was lost.

It seemed that the BIOS also included the firmware of the RAID controller (Intel Rapid Storage Tech) and this broke it all. OK, I though, no worries, I have a backup. (Luckily I noted down my bitlocker recovery codes, since my backup disk is also bitlocker protected.) So I re-did all my BIOS settings, re-created the RAID volume, put in my recovery disk and started my machine… And the machine didn’t want to boot from the recovery CD.

The CD was bootable but I guess the BIOS update secure boot keys were updated as well, which obsoleted the boot loader on that particular recovery disk. So I burned a new Windows installation DVD and tried it that way. That worked. (I have another PC with a DVD burner in there.)

So, time to restore the backup… Looked up the RAID drivers online on the ASUS website, tried to restore the backup, windows didn’t want to boot. Reason was the driver for the RAID set didn’t want to work nice with the new firmware. So I had a backup with obsoleted drivers in there that didn’t play nice with the new BIOS.

Clean install with the drivers from the ASUS website didn’t want to work either, the drivers weren’t properly signed so Windows didn’t want to boot. The solution was to get drivers from the Intel website which did work, do a clean install, and restore my files.

The backup was actually fine, but was a week old. I also have a file share with file history on there (also on a bitlocker protected server), which was more recent. This file history backup contained all I needed and eventually I haven’t lost much from this incident. It was quite a puzzle to get this working again.

Now my PC runs stable again, I have made a new backup with this Windows version and the correct IRST drivers. Re-installing all my software was a lot of work, but I’m happy with the result.

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