I’ve been bombarded with new license agreements this week. First Sonos, later Blizzard Entertainment… about 2-3 times, Microsoft, and a few others. All products that you use, you pay a lot of money for and when they decide to change something, you basically have 2 choices: Or you agree with their new terms, or… you can’t use their service (in the case of Sonos their equipment).

I think these practices are a bit lame to say the least. And there’s more going on for things like this.

Let’s say, you buy the latest and greatest smartphone, next Google, Apple or Microsoft (depending on which OS you have on your phone) will know where you are, how fast you’re driving your car, and if you include a smart watch, they’ll have access to tons of health data as well. Next you install an app (Facebook) and even more people know everything about you.

Don’t you think it’s time that we let those big companies know we’re a bit fed-up with all of this? That data is used for more than just advertising, and it is impacting us all.

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