I’m developing some new software with my team here on .Net Core. We’ve produced already quite a bit of code and I’d like to share my experience.

.Net Core is a trimmed down subset of the well-known .Net Framework. It supports multiple platforms (Linux, MacOS and of course Windows), and I think that in-time it will slowly replace the current .Net Framework.

The biggest change is that .Net Core is all open source. Tooling is very different as well, gone are the days to program with the mouse, welcome back to the command line.

There are a lot of things not supported yet, which aren’t ‘tiny’ things. Things include basically everything that’s built on Xaml like Workflow Foundation or WPF, XSLT transformations, and lots, lots more. Features are being added over time, but it will take some time before it will be as rich as the current .Net Framework.

There’s a lot of version hell as well, all versions of .Net Standard (which isn’t .Net Core) play well with .Net Core, but not each of these play well with each version of .Net Framework. Tables like the one on this page make things a bit of a mess.

Despite these disadvantages, I think with the next version (2.0) which is coming this fall, a lot of these things will be addressed. So for now it is a bit daunting to live with these limitations, but a lot new stuff will be coming soon.


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