Microsoft has announced they are going to port SQL Server to Linux. Earlier they created Visual Studio Code for Linux. Do I spot a trend here?

StorageBod (Martin Glassborow) wrote an article on The Register telling ‘it makes perfect sense’ and ‘the heart of Microsoft is no longer in the datacenter’. Obviously, it is ‘The Register’ which is full of anti-Microsoft and pro-Linux articles so I’ll take this with a grain of salt. Fact is, Microsoft is a software development company. They do make their own platforms, but they also make stuff for other platforms. Saying that their focus is ‘cloud’ and in more-or-less words describing that ‘no one with a bit of sense wants to run Exchange Server on premisis’ is only adding value to these claims.

Actually, Microsoft developed quite a lot of things for different platforms. They are now even working to put bash (the Linux command line) into Windows 10. So we’ll have a third (!) command processor to deal with. The good’ol CMD (by some of you dinos still refered to as ‘The DOS prompt’), PowerShell (which sometimes could go without the ’S’ for good reason) and now Bash. They added GIT support in Team Foundation Server (which was invented by the Linux inventer himself), they added Hyper-V support to the Linux kernel, and the list goes on.

Microsoft is making more and more stuff for other platforms than Windows. It is not to toss their own Windows Server out of the door, nor their own desktop platform. The reason is simple: They make Windows less of a interoperability nightmare and makes sure their platforms eventually will work just as good as any other platform both in the datacenter, on your phones, tablets or on the desktop.

For software developers this means they will be able to write better apps that will work just about anywhere. Time to let the revolution begin!

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