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Moving to Holland - Part I

I’m going to Holland soon, and I’ll post a series of articles about this story here on my blog. This is mostly for friends and family and it isn’t about tech, hobbies or other ramblings, but it is about me in this case :) I’ll tag these posts with ‘Holland’ so you can easily view them all.

The first step of moving between countries is having valid travel documents, and today my passport arrived at the consul here in Valdivia. I went there, had a nice little chat with Charlotte (she’s the consul here) and signed for my new passport. But before I got this, I had to do a bit of traveling and a lot of paperwork…

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My gamer page

In my free time I like to play computer games now & then. One of the games I play is World of Warcraft and I’ve made a page on facebook you can visit which is all about that.

For those of you who know World of Warcraft, I’m a mage on US Area 52 called ‘Blinkeldore’. (This is an obvious reference to Harry Potter’s Dumbledore and a signature mage spell that teleports you a couple of yards.)

If you want to know more about this, visit (and follow) my Facebook page :)

The farewell party

Today is my farewell party for the Chilean friends I have made over the years. We combine this with my birthday, which is officially tomorrow, but since that’s a Sunday and people don’t have time… we celebrate it all today.

Me leaving Chile is kind of closing one chapter of my life and starting a new one. I will leave a lot of good friends behind and probably I will see some sad faces in the next couple of weeks, nevertheless I have my opportunities in The Netherlands and there is where I can rebuild my life.

Leaving a place that you have lived for 9.5 years is tough, but I’m sure we all will be OK. I don’t think I’ll be heading back here however, I know the place and I have been here enough, I’ve got other places to visit now.

All this time I never visited my brother in Canada for instance, well bro, if you read this… I’m planning to give you all a visit somewhere at the end of the year or the beginning of the next one, once I’m settled and have everything arranged.

Getting my own home & place to live will be my top priority for the time being. Once that’s done, I’ll be taking one month to decorate the place and getting all my stuff in order. After that, back to work :)

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